About Us

CHICAGO PLAYGROUND is a cultural lifestyle brand of the Arts; specializing in the iconic style of varsity jackets. Based upon the principles of Unity, Passion and Excellence. It’s a brand that seeks to inspire one to feel appreciated, honored and valued; with an ethical vision of work through the arts of sports, music and the
African culture; to create an aesthetic which is unique to the fashion industry.

The brand was found in 2008 by creative designer, Rodnell ‘KID’ Harris, who is
currently on the rise in the Chicago fashion scene. Chicago Playground originated its name from the metaphoric aspect of seeing the city of Chicago as a “playground” within itself; a city where many talents are originated. Take back to when we were young with having several different talents upon the playground, we now as young adults still possess those same Talents of Art...But the difference now is how we apply them to everyday life.....